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Who is on the Leadership Team
Benjamin H. , Bob B. ¹ , Daniel J. , David L. , Duane L. , Hunter S. ¹ , Jacari R. , Joey L. , Mathew M. , Megan L. , William L.

¹ Certified Instructor
² Certified Lead Instructor

What is the Leadership Team
The Leadership Team is a program to develop leadership qualities and skills in our students. This program will give the student the necessary information, training, and experience to become a leader. The student can earn the title "Sensei" once the minimal rank and age requirements are met and upon completion of a written and practical exam. The useful skills developed though this program prepare the students for leadership rolls at school and the workplace. Members of the team include Black Belts and non black belts. Each team member is highly motivated and enthusiastic. The Leadership Team is very selective. Prospective members are nominated and sponsored by a current Leadership Team member.

Service Hours
Leadership and teaching skills can only develop so far with lectures and handouts. Practical hands-on training is required. Not only does this develop "people skills" it also allows the student to experience the "unexpected happenings" of a live environment. Therefore, Service Hours are one of the requirements for each level. There are several ways to earn Service Hours, assisting in class, assisting at special events, and tutoring other students.

Benefits and Privileges of the Leadership Team

  • Leadership training
  • Learn how to teach individuals and groups
  • Learn how to run classes including warm-ups, stretching, and giving instruction
  • Learn how to follow a lesson plan and learn how to create lesson plans
  • Preparation for the Sensei Exam.
  • LT members can wear a special Gi and special LT patches.
  • Special social events, workshops, seminars, and training events.
  • Access to special training and equipment.
  • Access to all classes.
  • Assigned to class.

Leadership Team Objectives
The objective of the Leadership Team is to develop leadership and teaching skills in its members. To teach the student how to run and plan classes. To prepare the student for the Sensei Exam.

Leadership Qualifications
There are four levels within the Leadership Team: STORM, SWAT, SWAT II , DELTA Force.

STORM (Super Team of Role Models)
Orange Belt minimum in rank
Minimum age 7 (Little Dragon or higher)
Good attendance, about 75% of classes or better per month
Must get a recommendation from Instructor
Good grades
Good behavior and attitude
Respect (Rank, Honor, Traditions)

SWAT (Superior Winning Attitude Team/ Students Working At Teaching)
STORM qualifications plus:
50 STORM service hours or Adult / Teen
Blue Belt minimum in rank
Minimum age of 9 (Dragon or higher)
Test on Teaching and Material
Must be able to attend LT Meetings
Team Initiation

SWAT qualifications plus:
Minimum age of 12
50 SWAT service hours
6th Kyu Green minimum
Test on Teaching and Material
Team Initiation

DELTA Force (Dedicated, Enthusiastic, Loyal Teacher's Assistants)
SWAT II qualifications plus:
50 SWAT II service hours
3rd Kyu Brown
Know material inside and out (Physical and Written test)
Good teacher
Test on Teaching and Material
Essay: "What it means to be a teacher?"
Minimum age of 13
Team Initiation

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