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Who is in the BBC
Alex B., Andrew M., Antjuan W., Antuan B., Ashley W., Benjamin H., Bob B., Brittany B., CW W., Carter G., Catlin W., David L., Demetri W., Duane L., Emmanual F., Eric W., Hunter S., Jacob C., James G., Jamie B., Jeff B., Joey L., Julie M., Justin B., Kathy A., Lev F., Mac A., Matthew A., Megan L., Meghan B., Michael A., Michael P., Richard H., Robert H., Rosie M., Sebastian B., Shaun B., Stephanie A., Trip G., William L.

What is the BBC
The BBC is an association of active Black Belts and those students who have set reaching Black Belt as their Martial Arts goal. The BBC provides its members an in depth and traditional training curriculum designed to help them achieve Black Belt Excellence and the highest levels of physical, mental and spiritual development.

Benefits and Privileges of the BBC
Being a member of the BBC testifies to the student's high level of dedication to, and proficiency in, the Martial Arts. Certain benefits and privileges are made available to members as a way of both rewarding their commitment and supporting them in their quest to perform at their highest potential.

  • Special belts are worn by BBC members. All colored belts will have a black stripe down the middle of their belts.
  • BBC members can wear a special gi.
  • Access to special training and equipment
  • One private lesson per month with the Instructor.
  • Special social events, workshops, and seminars (open only to BBC members).
  • Possible selection to the SHKS Demo Team.
  • BBC members are eligible for membership in the Leadership Teams: S.T.O.R.M. Team, S.W.A.T. S.W.A.T. II, and D.E.L.T.A. Force teams.
  • BBC members are eligible for Tamashii Quest and Warrior Quest Programs.
  • Unlimited class privileges.
  • BBC members will have their name placed on a black belt on the wall of the Dojo to bear witness of their commitment to black belt.
BBC Objectives
The overall objective of the BBC is to help its members attain their personal best. As martial artists, emphasis will be placed on skill and technique, physical ability, and moral character.

BBC Qualifications

  • Orange Belt minimum in rank.
  • Demonstrates commitment, dedication, a hardworking and positive attitude, and honor.
  • Essay on "Why you want to be a Black Belt and why you want to join the BBC".
  • Respect (Rank, Honor, Traditions).
  • Good grades (for students in school).
  • Sponsorship from a BBC member.
  • Must be able to attend 2 BBC classes a month or more.
  • Recommended by Instructor.

BBC Obligations

BBC members must maintain the standards of the BBC. They must continue to strive to achieve Black Belt Excellence. They must continue to be examples of hard work and dedication. Failure to maintain these may / will result in disciplinary action including suspension or expulsion from the BBC.

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