The Kobudo program at Scott Hayes Karate Studio teaches Ryukyu Kobudo. This traditional kobudo class emphasises proper technique, focus, concentration, and respect when using the weapons. Rank in Kobudo is separate from the Karate rank. Students trained to Black Belt by Scott Hayes.

Class Times
Friday 5:30 PM
Other classes as scheduled

Weapons and Kata Taught

  • Weapon Descriptions and Japanese Terms and Names for the Weapon Parts
  • Online Videos of Weapons
  • Bo
    1. Shushi no kun
    2. Shushi no kun sho
    3. Shushi no kun dai
    4. Sakugawa no kun
    5. Sakugawa no kun sho
    6. Sakugawa no kun dai
    7. Nakazato no Sakugawa
    8. Kubo no kun
    9. Tokumine no kun

  • Sai
    1. Nakazato No Towada No Sai Dai Ichi
    2. Nakazato No Towada No Sai Dai Ni
    3. Nakazato No Towada No Sai Dai San

  • Tonfa
    1. Shorinkan No Tonfa Dai Ichi
    2. Yaragawa No Tonfa
    3. Matsu Higa No Tonfa
    4. Hama Higa No Tonfa

  • Nunchaku
    1. Shorinkan No Nunchaku Dai Ichi
    2. Shorinkan No Nunchaku Dai Ni

  • Kama
    1. Shorinkan No Kama Dai Ichi
    2. Shorinkan No Kama Dai Ni

  • Eku
    1. Shorinkan No Eku Dai Ichi
    2. Suken Sunekake

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